Operations Manager

One of the longest serving members of Lawtronic Stefan started in 1994 as an apprentice, he completed his 3 year college course and spent a further 4 years training on the job to complete his apprenticeship, Stefan showed great promise when building panels and quickly became on of the top panel builders within the company, On his first solo installation project he flew to Chile South America by himself to meet up with a team of engineers and was in charge of the installation of the control system for the mirror coating plant for the La Silla observatory telescopes which is one of his proudest achievements.
Soon after he was teaching new apprentices how build control panels quickly and efficiently with all of the tricks and tips he had developed, Still maintaining his role in training he moved around the factory working in every section gaining the knowledge he would need for his current position, Operations Manager. As Ops Manager Stefan oversees everything that goes on at Lawtronic while still playing a key role in training new staff