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Our mission is to produce a cost effective product at the highest quality to meet the requirements of the customer whilst maintaining a working atmosphere that promotes job satisfaction and stimulates progressive thinking.

"Quality, On Budget, On Time, Every Time"

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At Lawtronic we hold our core values and objectives above all else, as a company it is important to stick to these values to enable us to help make every decision to ensure we always stay true to our roots.

Vision & Culture

We have developed and want to maintain a culture where staff can feel free to contribute and communicate in a positive manner to all aspects of the company in a desire to improve the company in line with our mission statement.

Personal Development

To create focused training and development programs that will enable all staff to reach their full potential.

Manufacturing & Engineering Excellence 

By continuously evaluating and evolving our manufacturing systems, the materials and the components available to Lawtronic can always ensure our clients are provided with the optimum solution to their requirements at all times.

Financial Control

To create a robust business and financial planning model which will ensure that customers receive the best value for money whilst Lawtronic continues its' path of sustainable growth.


Core Values & Objetives



Lawtronic Limited was established in Kings Lynn, Norfolk in 1986

The Founder of Lawtronic started his career in the British Navy, completing an apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering and after leaving the Navy worked as a Control Systems Engineer.  He became increasingly frustrated with other companies for cutting corners ‘just to get the job done’ and he knew he could create something better.

He started Lawtronic in his garage and, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

 Dave Tester and Ruth Mills purchased the company in 2007.  Dave had been the Operations Manager at Lawtronic for some years and was well acquainted with the business and the customers and ready to take it to the next level.  Since Dave and Ruth have owned the company, through their constant ambitions and continuous investment in our infrastructure, personnel and training, Lawtronic has grown year on year to new highs. 

We have recently invested over £1,000,000 in renovating and expanding our facility by 100% to allow us to handle current demand and give us plenty of room for future growth


Regarded as one of the leaders in Control Systems, when it comes to careers, we are always looking for new talent to add to our team. 

Due to the extensive list of services we provide, combined with the different industries we are involved in, we are able to offer vast amounts of experience and areas to work in,

ensuring that anyone can grow and follow any path to unlock their full potential


We believe that a company is only as good as the individuals behind it, which is why we build and evolve our team with employees who share our core values. 

We pride ourselves on our open door culture at Lawtronic. 

Whether you work on the shop floor or you are a director, the door is always open.

Suggestions and opinions from any facet of the company are welcomed and openly explored

One Team - One Mission 

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