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Our Project Engineers and Installation Engineers double up as our commissioning team. We write all software in-house to our clients' specification & control philosophy. Making sure that every machine and part of the line is fully integrated and working to its full potential

  • Hardware

    • PLC

    • HMI

    • Inverter Drives (VFD's / VSD's)​

    • Servo Drives 

    • Soft Starts

    • Direct Online Drives (DOL's)

  • Software

    • Rockwell / Allen Bradley

    • Omron

    • Siemens 

    • Mitsubishi 

    • Schneider

    • B & R 

We can integrate your equipment into production lines and third parties into yours.

No matter the situation, you can be sure we will have a solution

Watch as you witness Lawtronic bring your visions to life 


  • System Integration / Interfacing

  • Automation Testing

  • Performance Testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) 

  • Performance Testing

  • Operator Manuals

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