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We take the Cost and Pain out of manufacturing your control panels

Our goal is to help you achieve more, we partner with our customers to allow them full control of their products without the expensive process of manufacturing them. Outsourcing in this manner provides a whole host of benefits for our customers including : 

  • Utilising internal resources more efficiently and effectively

  • Reduce supply chain management costs

  • Reduce space needed for manufacture

  • Increase Liquidity / Cash Flow by

    • Reducing product lead times 

    • Reducing amount of stock held
  • Fixed Costs

We are a fully transparent company through the whole process, from quotation to completion we keep

you in the know so you have all of the information we have. We would expect this from our suppliers

so there is no reason why you should not expect that of us!

If all of the above sounds good to you then contact us today to discuss how we can save you

money by taking your efficiency to the next level! 

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Get In Touch / Consultation

Getting in touch is the first step, and do not hesitate! 

You can reach us by filling out the form on the contact page, send us an email, or just give us a call or if your in the area just drop in if your passing by!

Speak with our experts to discuss how we can best help you achieve your goals


Using your information / designs if  available we will use whatever information is given to see how much value we can provide you

Not only quoting to the exact information given but analysing it to see how many ways we can improve upon it and give you the best pricing and service possible

Design & Manufacture

Our experienced team of project engineers take the process of outsourcing to a new level of ease 


Manufacturing to your specification and industry standards to go above and beyond for our clients we create a manufacturing plan to reduce as much risk and increase efficiency as much as possible

Manufacturing Takes place in a  cellular layout in our 18,000sq ft manufacturing facility in the UK 

Test & Deliver

Nothing! Leaves the Lawtronic manufacturing facility without being tested in some form or another.

Depending on customer requirements, industry standards and the product its self we conduct all types of testing and log every product against its works order number so that we can always refer back to it

Once tested it is packaged accordingly and delivered by our stores delivery fleet or sent via our trusted courier partners for the most effective delivery plan

Install / Commission

If required our expert installation team is ready to take on the job, from small single drive panels to large bakery installs we have the competence and expertise to carry out any installation task

And finally the last stage, if it requires software, automation testing, FAT or SAT we will be there to commission the whole electrical system to make sure your machines are running at peak performance

But most importantly we make sure you are Happy!

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In house we can help you manage the outsourcing from start o finish, it is not the easiest task to outsource but at Lawtronic we change that, From our team of skilled project engineers to our dedicated logistics specialists, we provide support every step of the way. Quotation to delivery we will be there to guide the process to make sure it is buttery smooth.

Usually we encounter the following reasons not to outsource but here at Lawtronic they are no problem :


  • "Our panels change too often to outsource and we need to put changes through to the shop floor ASAP"

    • Well this way all you have to do to make a change is pick up the phone and we can handle everything our end​

  • "We have a large amount of stock that we need to use up"

    • No problem, we can work out costings or free issue plans to take that stock off your hands for a set price or even credit it against the cost of the build

  • "Now is just not the right time"

    • It is always the right time to see how much value we can add to your company and how much money we can save you, it only takes 5 minutes to send over an RFQ with an information pack of what you require, we can then be working on that while you are getting on with the more important things

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